Tiny Bugs Can Do

A Lot of Damage

We all know that termites can do extensive damage to the wooden support structure of your home, but did you know they can also damage the drywall? They don’t like to eat the paint, but they love the paper and glue that covers the drywall board. With monstrous appetites, these little bugs will eat their way across your drywall, leaving trails under the paint. However, the experts at Termite Inspection Experts, INC can handle your drywall damage repair.

Does your drywall need replacement?

Look for these signs that your drywall needs replacement:
• Holes
• Water damage
• Cracks
• Bump and bulges

Termite Control Services

Once you’ve found damage, the next question is- do you need to replace the drywall? The team at Termite Inspection Experts can determine whether it should be replaced or if a drywall repair is sufficient. Drywall repair can fix a lot of problems, but some issues require complete replacement. If you notice any of these issues, call Termite Inspection Experts right away. Our staff can determine whether you need a repair or replacement.