Don't Tempt the Termites

We'll take care of water damage repair in Manteca & Tracy, CA

Did you know that wet wood is many times more attractive to termites than dry wood? They love to munch on the moist wood near kitchens and bathrooms or any other place where water may be seeping into your home's structure. Termites can do significant damage to your home, so it's important to know how to keep things dry and termites at bay. The team at Termite Inspection Experts, INC can inspect your home for cracked or missing caulking that exposes wood to water, or slow leaks that find their way to your home's structure.

Water damage is not only unsightly and a breeding ground for mold, but it can also draw termites into your home. Contact Termite Inspection Experts now to discuss water damage repair for your home in Manteca & Tracy, CA.

Water Damage Repair Manteca & Tracy, CA

How should you repair water damage?

If you have water damage in your home, it's sometimes possible to clean it up yourself. If the source of the leak or flood is clean or gray water- gray water is the slightly dirty water from dishwashers, sinks and more- you can clean it yourself. However, black water, which comes from lakes or rivers and contains sewage and bacteria, should be cleaned by a professional.

When you need water damage repair, choose the team at Termite Inspection Experts, INC to restore your home in Manteca & Tracy, CA.