Termites Won't Quit Until They Reach the Roof

Learn when to call for roof damage repair in Manteca & Tracy, CA

You may expect to find termites near the ground, in the lower levels of your home. However, the infestation can easily spread to the roof area. Termites follow the path of food, so as long as there's moist wood to devour, they'll climb all the way to the roof and keep eating. If you suspect you need roof damage repair, contact your roofing contractor and the team at Termite Inspection Experts, INC.

It may be time for roof damage repair in Manteca & Tracy, CA. Find out from the experts at Termite Inspection Experts.

Roof Repair Manteca & Tracy, CA

Watch for signs of damage to your roof

Not sure if you have damage or just normal wear and tear? Termites do a very specific kind of damage. You may need ceiling damage repair if you find any of these:

  • Loose roof tiles or shingles
  • Bubbling and discoloration similar to water damage on your ceilings
  • Any areas of buckling or sagging in your ceilings
  • Mounds of what look like tiny wood pellets
  • Termite tunnels or mud tubes
  • Wood that appears to have been "eaten away"

Any of these problems warrant a call to Termite Inspection Experts. We can determine if you need ceiling damage repair or more extensive roof damage repair. Contact our team to determine the right course of action in Manteca & Tracy, CA.